March 05, 2019

Seaview has developed a new dual mount designed to keep a closed dome radar directly above the footprint of the mount, with a second elevated platform to seat a thermal camera or a searchlight. This was originally designed as a custom project to make for a "compact" version of our dual mount that allowed for installation just aft of a hatch. Due to the many requests we received for the same mount once we published it to our "Custom Mounts" page, we have made this a stock mounting solution!

The PMADM4M1 Dual Mount comes with a lower plate to fit radars from almost all major brands. A top plate is required to be purchased in conjunction with the mount, and just like our other Dual Mount offerings, it is compatible with our brand new LTB13 light bar as well as all of our light bars.   

Seaview PMADM4M1 Dual Mount Dimensions