Search Light Rail Mount

  • Description

    Mount that Golight or any other search light of yours onto your rail with a Seaview Search Light Rail Mount! The mounting plate is made from a machined piece of King Starboard. King Starboard is a marine grade polymer that is able to withstand the effects of moisture, salt water and direct sunlight. A high polished stainless steel clamp is used to mount onto 3/4" and 1-1/4" diameter rails.

    Clamp for Seaview Rail Camera Mount

    No Visible Cables
    Seaview Rail Mount Cable Managment

    The Search Light Rail Mount unique design allows you to route the cables inside the mount and through the rail. Eliminating any visible cabling.

  • Seaview Part Number Dimensions
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Customer Reviews

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Adam Matthews
Great product / easy install

Would give this 5 stars if it weren’t for the fact that the design really requires you to run the wire through the rail. I didn’t want to do it was tricky to clamp the unit to the rail with the wire running between the clamp and rail. I made it work, but it took some wrestling. I’ve got a canvas top with no pre-existing spot for a searchlight, so this allowed me to do the install where I wanted.