Accessory Pods

  • Description

    This Seaview Accessory Pod can be mounted to Seaview Sail Pods, Deck Pods or Rail Pods. These Accessory Pods give you the flexibility to mount additional instruments.

    Made from high quality marine grade UV resistant ABS plastic and is held together with tamper resistant security screws. A water tight gasket prevents water from intruding into the pod.

    Depending on the size of your Sail Pod, Deck Pod or Rail Pod one to four Accessory Pods can be mounted.

  • Please note that Pods are not pre-cut to fit your specific equipment. Seaview can cut to fit your equipment upon request for a small surcharge.

    • Includes
      1. Instrument housing
      2. Rubber gasket
      3. Security screws
      4. All mounting hardware
    • Dimensions
      SP1BOX Dimensional Drawing
      SP1BOX2 Dimensional Drawing
    • Seaview Accessory Pod Dimensions


      inch / mm


      inch / mm


      inch / mm


      inch / mm


      inch / mm


      inch / mm

      Part # Overall Dimensions Max Useable Face Max Cut Out Area
      SP1BOX 5.38 / 136.53 3.38 / 85.73 5 / 127 5 / 127 4.38 / 111.13 4.38 / 111.13
      SP1BOX2 5.38 / 136.53 3.38 / 85.73 5 / 127 5 / 127 4.38 / 111.13 4.38 / 111.13

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Hayden Watson
Excelent customer service

I bought a SailPod and when I tried to install the face plate on the pod, I found that and inch of the rubber seal was glued down to one of the corners. I attempted to get the seal unstuck but it is installed with some very good glue and the seal was mangled getting the edge free. I contacted Seaview and they shipped me a replacement faceplate. I was so pleased with the product and service that I ordered an accessory pod as well and both are now installed on my boat.

Frank Kastelic
Great Deal.

Thank you for the fast shipping. The seaview Parts are the best.
Frank Kastelic from Germany

Lee Grant
Good product

I wish the q-scan code for instruction went to the installation instructions for the actual product that I purchased rather than the general web page for all instructions. The web page was too confusing to find the actual product I purchased. 5 stars for the pod. 2 stars for the instructions.

Jack Rosen
Great help from Seaview

Jason Romesburg of Seaview engineering department was very instrumental in us starting our project of lowering and closing in our chart plotter.
That meant relocating 4 instruments and Jason repeatedly answered our questions and created CAD drawing using Seaview pods in a manner that is suitable for our intended results.
Doing all the mods to the pods in our shop now, and should only take about 4-6 hours to install on boat which includes rewriring the instruments.
Will send photos when completed.

Christopher Sharpe

Accessory Pods