Rail Pods

  • Description

    Seaview offers a solution to the age old problem of figuring out where to mount all your instruments on your sailboat. The Seaview Rail Pod allows you to mount smaller displays and instruments directly to the rail. Allowing you to postion the instrument where it is most optimal for you. Fits onto 1", 1-1/8" or 1-1/4" rails. A single high polished 316 stainless steel clamp is used. Cables are routed internally through the clamp and into the rail. The Rail Pod housing is made from UV protected ABS plastic housing, and sealed with a water tight rubber gasket. Tamper resistant screws are used to hold the housing together. A reinforced base made from King Starboard is added for increased strength and stability (on certain models).

    Achieve The Perfect View
    Seaview SP1S Sail Pod

    Here you can see that the SP1S Rail Pod can rotate 360 degrees allowing you to achieve the desired view angle.

    Stainless Steel Clamps

    Clamp for Seaview Rail Pod

    A single high polished stainless steel clamp is used to secure your Rail POD onto 1", 1.125" and 1.25" (25mm to 32mm) rails. Seaview Rail Pods fit standard 9.5", 12" and non standard guard rails.

    Security screws are used to hold the Rail Pod together. A water tight gasket is used to prevent water from entering inside the pod, while a GORE-TEX ventilation vent lets hot air to escape without letting water in.

  • Optional Accessory Pod
    Seaview SP1-BOX and Humminbird

    One of the unique abilities with the Rail Pod is the ability to add optional side pods (part #SP1BOX). Currently no other sailboat pod on the market has this feature. Depending on the pod box size you choose you are able to mount either one to four of these accessory pods. This gives the user lots of flexible solutions to optimize their setup. The SP1BOX is made of UV resistant white ABS plastic and held together with tamper resistant screws and sealed with a rubber gasket.

  • Rail Pod FAQ's

    Will Seaview Rail Pod fit my electronic device?

    Yes, several pod box sizes to fit your electronic device. Plus with the accessory pod option you are able to mount small screens just about anywhere.

    Is it easy to install your instrument pods?

    Seaview instrument pods are very easy to install and only require basic tools and a drill.

    Are these durable?

    Yes! Our pods are made from UV resistant ABS plastic. The clamps are made from 316 stainless steel. So you can be sure our pods can withstand the harshest of conditions.

    Will the instrument pod protect my electronic instrument?

    Yes, our instrument pods use a rubber gasket to keep water out. A GORE™ vent also lets hot air out without letting water in. Tamper resistant screws are also used to hold everything together.

    Are these instrument pods uncut or pre-cut?

    For ease of stocking purposes Seaview instrument pods are uncut. We do offer a pre-cut service however. Please contact Seaview for more information.

  • Dimensions

    Seaview Part Number Dimensions
    All Seaview Pod General Dimensions Download
    SP1S Download
    SP1S2 Download
    SP2S1 Download
    SP3S1 Download
    SP5S1 Download

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ken Ryan
Awesome Looking Rail Pod!!

Very impressed with quality of materials used and overall ease of installation. The stainless mount is fantastic! Top notch customer support

Douglas Waterman
Well made, attractive

Useful accessory at my helm for USB charger, windlass switch.

Donald Conway
SP2S1 Review

Overall I like the product and it definitely serves the purpose for which it was made. The inclusion of a NMEA200 cabling outlet on the back of the rail pod would be a great improvement.
Pros: The construction is good and installation is easy.
Cons: If you saw the cutouts yourself do not saw too fast or the material will melt back to itself and you will have to recut the same holes two or three times.
The threaded bolt used to attach the pod to the rail clamp will not accommodate the power cable for the chart plotter and the NMEA200 cables when a accessory pod is being used.

Jeremy Beattie
Nice product

Works very well