Modular Top Plates

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Geoffrey Wilkinson
Relentless Pursuit

Awesome quality
Excellent template
Great work!

Eric A.
Aft Leaning mounting post and plate

Worked great, self install with a Raymarine Quantum 2 Radar. Solid instructions

Benoit Parent
SeaView customer service

I had to order a replacement grommet for my top plate and SeaView customer service was really helpful in fulfilling the order and get it shipped to Canada. It was a special touch when I received an e-mail asking if everything was ok.

Radar Mount

Seaview was great. Phone call and follow up emails made for a very easy purchase at a great price and quick delivery of a quality product.

top plate review.

The top plate and the radar tower I purchased worked very well. It made installing radar easier than I expected it to be. I was bothered by your pricing for your products. I purchased the radar tower from west marine because it was $40 or $50 dollars less with free shipping. The west marine site was confusing about what top plate was compatible with my radar so I decided to order it from you directly. After a few days i noted you had not shipped the top plate and I inquired about when it might be sent due to plans to travel to where my boat is kept. I was told it was back ordered and would not be available for several more weeks. With that info i did order the top plate from west marine that was $30 cheaper and with only $9.95 for shipping. A few hours latter I got an email that you had a few top plates still and you would be able to send me one since I was on a time crunch. I was very impressed with you being willing to do that for me but when I thought about it more I was annoyed with the higher product prices and shipping you charged me compared to west marines prices for your product. Also west marines shipping came quicker and was cheaper. I guess it pays to shop around.