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    The Seaview Cable Seals (also known as CableClams, Cable Glands or Deck Seals) provide waterproof cable routing. These are made of very strong plastic or marine grade 316 stainless steel and come in a variety of colors and finishes. Seaview cable seals fit a wide range of cables and connectors. Seaview Cable Seal options for 17mm to 34mm (0.67” to 1.38”) connectors, making it ideal for almost every installation.

    All Seaview Cable Seals (including the round Cable Seals) will work with more than one cable as long as each cable has its own hole and there is at least .125" of rubber around each hole.

    The split seal design eliminates the need to remove cable connectors during installation.

    Tapered rubber seal forms watertight installation. Base gasket also provided for clean, watertight installation. Waterproof rating of IPX6 and IPX7.

    IMPROVED SHAPE AND DESIGN Low profile design for a strong, impact-resistant and clean installation. No sharp edges.

    DRILL TUBES INCLUDED! Each cable seal comes with 4 brass drill tubes (6, 8, 10 & 12mm). These are used to drill very clean and easy holes vs a typical drill bit. Some other brands do come with pre-drilled rubbers but we choose to include metal drill tubes that can be recycled or reused when finished vs the extra rubber pcs that will end up in the landfill from others!

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    Download the installation instructions in the chart below.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Daniel G Cushman

As with all Seaview products and customer care; excellent.
Beautifully constructed component.
Only issue is the shipping cost. Absolutely outrageous and unacceptable.

Peter Weeks
Cable SeL

Perfect item for the job

Frank LoCurto

Good product

Robert Holtz
Multi cable gland

Good product. If drilling holes be sure to run the drill through alot and i mean alot. Otherwise it will be difficult to install the top piece. Once it was installed it looked and so far has preformed well

Scott Brown (SV Fruit Bat)
Best Multi-Cable Gland on the market!!

There are surprisingly few companies on the market making multi-cable glands that will stand up to the trials of the offshore sailing vessel and none hold up as well as these! Our boat is 40 years old this year and had a Taffrail that looked like a mushroom farm- each new antenna had a separate single-cable gland and it's accompanying holes drilled through the deck- it looked very messy and made it almost impossible for our canvas guy to finish our new side-curtains for the Bimini! We ordered a few of the stainless steel multi-gland units for our boat in preparation for a circumnavigation- the fit and finish of these is truly impressive! the kits even come with a selection of "bits" to help drill holes through the rubber better than most drill bits will. The install is quite simple and cleaned up the stern of our boat really nicely. Thanks to the design, there is even enough space if I needed to add more cables in the future without needing any new holes!

When I had questions about installation, Seaview's customer service was really helpful- not what you expect when the market is flooded with cheap stainless parts from Amazon. You really can't go wrong- these things are worth every penny. I'll post pictures of our install on Instagram @sailingfruitbat if anyone wants to look.

Easy Installation


Seaview Cable Gland on Duckworth 26

Seaview Cable Gland installed on SUV