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Seaview was commissioned to fabricate a custom made mast mount that picks up the one-of-a-kind rake and taper of a very unique wooden trawler mast. While the overall design looks simple, this piece is actually completely personalized for the vessel. This custom mast mount was featured in the Pacific NW Boater comprehensive review video of the Furuno First Watch Wireless Radar. If you have not had a chance to check out Pacific NW Boater's blog and product reviews, we highly recommend that you do!


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Darren OBrien
Darren OBrien

January 25, 2019

We are very impressed with the custom radar mount Seaview made for us. Our trawler’s mast is also “custom”, thus it required a unique fit. We contacted Seaview and they gave us simple instructions on where to take multiple measurements, including the degree of rake in the mast. They sent us a CAD drawing of the mount, we approved and received the mount in short order. I must admit holding my breath a bit when I took it up to the mast to see how it fit (because if it was off, it would be due to errors in my measurements). But it fit absolutely perfect! And not just to the mast, but also with the radome itself. That part was no surprise, though, as they sell many different mounts for Furuno radars, not just the DRS4W. We recommend Seaview most highly!

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