June 14, 2022

Seaview Retrofit Cable Seals provide watertight seals for all types of installations. Recently we were contacted by a customer from New Mexico installing a Starlink system on their home. The ends on the provided cable barely fit through a 3/4” and easily fit through a 7/8” hole. These holes can then be sealed both on the exterior of the home and where the cable comes through the crawlspace into the room by using Seaview’s Retrofit Cable Seals (CG20PG2.) The customer commented that the Seaview product had several advantages over other grommets or plates often used for this type of installation.

  1. Seaview Retrofit Cable Seals are heavy duty and can withstand strong sunlight without degrading.
  2. A weathertight fit is essential as one of the cable entry points is below the snowline and must remain watertight in harsh and changing conditions.
  3. Rodent activity can be an issue and the CG20PG2 is more durable and less prone to destruction by chewing than a simple grommet.
  4. The tight seal of the Seaview Cable Seal keeps rodents and insects out of the crawlspace where the cable enters the structure, and also keeps them out of the interior of the home where the cable passes through the wall.
  5. The cable can be serviced, upgraded, or replaced easily. If the cable is removed in the future a blank exterior plate can plug the seal.

The Seaview Retrofit Cable Seal provides proven watertight
connections for any currently installed cables. The seal fits around
existing cables eliminating the need to re-run them, simply install
the system with the cable in place. Seaview Retrofit Cable Seals
provide a waterproof, rodent, and insect barring, pass-through for
antenna, transducer, lights, power, and other cables without
removal of the factory installed cable connector. They are great for
boats, RVs, and homes.