Starlink Flat HP & Gen 3 Pole Kits

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    Seaview 8' tall Pole Kit for Starlink Flat HP and Starlink Gen 3 Standard antennas. Note that a Starlink wedge base is required to mount the Starlink antenna to these pole kits (see the pole top info below).

    This Seaview Pole Kit is equipped with a adjustable base that has a small 5-1/4" x 3" footprint and a water tight Cable Seal, which can be easily disassembled for pole removal.

    The pole itself is 3" in diameter and is made from marine grade aluminum. Seaview takes the finish to another level by first taking the raw aluminum and putting it through process called Chem Film. Chem Film is a chemical conversion coating that is used as a light coat of protective covering over aluminum. After the Chem Film process it is taken through a 3 part epoxy prime and powder coat. This is all done to ensure the best possible finish and corrosion resistance.

    Starlink Pole Top 

    The top plate that comes with these pole kits (ADASTLKA) is setup to mount the Starlink wedge base. Seaview offers these wedge bases for the Starlink Flat HP found here. Or if you have the Starlink Gen 3 standard antenna you would use the Seaview mount SRM200WB8 found here.


    There are several strut supports depending on which Seaview Pole Kit you choose. A rail stand-off kit and a 48" long strut.

    Rail Stand-off Kit
    The rail stand-off kit includes two turnbuckle style struts that are adjustable from 6" to 12", two stainless steel 3" pole clamps and two stainless steel 1" rail clamps.

    48" Struts
    Also made from high polished stainless steel are the 48" long struts.

    Adjustable Base

    A hard anodized adjustable base with a water tight Cable Seal. The adjustable base measures 5-1/4" x 3".

  • Pole Kit Includes
    Seaview Pole Kits
  • Custom Pole Kits

    Seaview Pole Kits are available in different heights, or you can piece together your own Pole Kit, for more information please contact Seaview.

  • Seaview Part Numbers Dimensions
    RM8148 Download
    RM8KT1 Download
    RM848S Download

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