December 05, 2022

When it comes to installing satellite domes on buildings, many companies rely on non-penetrating pole mounts. This type of mount offers a number of benefits that make them the preferred choice for many businesses. In this blog post, well take a look at the advantages of using non-penetrating pole mounts for satellite communications domes.

One of the major benefits of using non-penetrating pole mounts is that they are much easier to install than traditional methods. This is because the mount does not require any drilling or other invasive methods to attach it to the roof. Instead, the mount is simply set onto the roof and is stabilized with weight, such as sandbags or cinder blocks, on a base plate. This makes the installation process much simpler and less time consuming than traditional methods, which can often be difficult and labor intensive.

Non-penetrating pole mounts are also much better for the rooftop than other methods of installation. Penetrating mounts require drilling into the roof, which can cause damage to the roof and can put the building at risk for leaks and rot. Non-penetrating mounts do not have this risk, as they are not attached directly to the roof and are instead secured with a stabilizing base plate.

Another advantage of non-penetrating pole mounts is that they are much more cost effective than other methods. Penetrating mounts require more materials and are more labor intensive, meaning that they can be more expensive. Non-penetrating mounts, on the other hand, are much simpler and require fewer materials, making them a much more cost-effective option.

Finally, non-penetrating pole mounts are much more versatile than other methods. They can be used on a variety of surfaces and in a variety of locations, making them ideal for installations in hard-to-reach places. This makes them the perfect choice for installing satellite communications domes on buildings that have limited space.

In conclusion, non-penetrating pole mounts are the preferred choice for many businesses when it comes to installing satellite communications domes on buildings. They are easier to install, much safer, more cost effective, and more versatile than other methods, making them the ideal choice for many different types of installations.

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Intellian Sat Dome on Seaview Non-penetrating pole mount
Seaview Non penetrating Pole Mount
Seaview Non-penetrating pole mount