June 04, 2021

Purchasing new marine electronics for your boat is an exciting venture that comes with many choices to make. You need to decide what equipment is necessary for your vessel and boating needs, which brand to purchase, which equipment models of said brand is appropriate for the vessel, and who to trust to install all of your new electronics.

One thing that is often initially overlooked in the decision-making process is how to install all of this new equipment so it all functions properly when you are out on the water.

Mounting a radar and satellite dome on the same boat typically requires the knowledge of how both units operate to make sure they are installed in a way that will allow them both to function without interfering with or damaging each other. That’s where Seaview comes in with the knowledge base and the marine electronics mounting equipment to make you certain they will all be working at their peak performance.


Radars typically have a beam that radiates out of the array on a horizontal plane with an approximate beamwidth angle of 12.5° up and 12.5° down from the radar. This beam can be damaging to a satellite antenna if it intersects the dish while in just the wrong position under the housing. The dish would be better installed either above or below the radar so the beam will not potentially damage the inner workings of the dish. This will also allow the radar to function better, as it will not be shadowed by the large dome.

All marine electronics equipment has specific requirements for installation, and there will almost always be compromises made due to the physical constraints of the mounting area on a boat. Seaview can provide the best solution for most combinations of marine electronics to ensure a clean, compact, and functional system.