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Starlink Adapter with Fixed Base


SV114STLKFB - Seaview 316L stainless steel Starlink adapter to mount to a 1"-14 threaded post & S.S. Fixed Base

  • 316L stainless steel Starlink adapter with a 1"-14 threaded fixed base
  • Bottom of the adapter has 1”-14 threads and comes with locking nut
  • Top of the adapter is machined to fit the Starlink antenna post
  • The overall height is 4” (adapter with the 3” diameter fixed base)
  • The Starlink cable can pass through the entire adapter and exit out the center of the fixed base OR the cable can exit just before the adapter if preferred**

** If you are running the Starlink cable externally we recommend using a Seaview cable seal for waterproof cable entry. The example in the images is the CG30SS.

Dimensions Here

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Brian Stinson
Beautiful part

As an owner of a stainless steel fabrication facility, I can appreciate what it takes to produce a part like this. Fabulous work! Some reviews comment on the cost, but I can also state that the work required to get a mirror finish like this is labor intensive. No way I could make one myself for this price. Great product. Installed perfectly. Shipped quick.

Mark Wiser
Very good quality; Very expensive.

It is a very well made bracket for a Starlink satellite.

BUT it was priced at $150, before tax, etc. for essentially a very well made mount for a flag (though different radius) Net, 5 stars for the product, 1 star of the price/value, so 3.5 stars overall.

Jason Kohl
Starlink Installers !!!

I am on my 190th Starlink installation. I loved this mount. It's by far the best crafted and polished option. A little pricey but acceptable. I will be using these again !!

Norbert Hantke
Starlink mount

It’s exactly what I needed and the quality is awesome!
Thanks much,

M Benjamin
Very high quality and a perfect fit!

The stainless steel Starlink mount exceeded my expectation. It is made of heavy duty stainless and fits the Starlink antenna pole perfectly. I had thought that the set screw was the only means of support, so I was very happy to find that there is also an inner ridge that the Starlink lock button clicks into securely. Unlike other mounts, this mount also has a hole in the bottom so the cable can be completely hidden within the mount. I'm very happy with this purchase and would highly recommend it.